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DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clock System

Sales Info

DuraTime Sales Sheet
DuraTime System Specs
DuraTime System Specs

Spec Sheets

RC102 Master Clock
Analog Clocks
LifeTime Analog Clocks
Analog Clock Accessories
RC140 Repeater
RC142 Ceiling Tile Repeater
RC145 Wall Mount Repeater
RC150 Mini Master
RC161 GPS Receiver/Antenna
RC180 Wireless Relay
RC185 Wireless Audio Player
RC200/RC201 Wireless Indoor Speaker
RC204 Wireless Ceiling Tile Speaker
RC425 Wireless 2.5" Digital Clocks
RC440 Wireless 4.0 " Digital Clocks
RCMAR Digital LCD Clock
MCR1000 NTP Time Server

RCMAR Instruction Manual
Site Survey Guide
Startup Guide
DuraTime & WiFi
Product Comparison
RC100 Wireless Clock User Guide

Training Materials

DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clocks
Download PowerPoint (Size 138 MB)

DuraTime Demo Kit - $500

Kit includes:

  • RC102 Master Clock
  • RC150 Mini Master
  • RC440 4" Digital Clock
  • RC12A 12" Brushed Aluminum Analog Clock
  • RC12P 12" Plastic Analog Clock

DuraTime HP Factory Synchronized Clocks

Sales Info
DutaTime HP Sales Sheet
DuraTime HP Analog Spec Sheet
DuraTime HP Digital Spec Sheet
DuraTime HP Digital Spec Sheet with pricing
DuraTime HP Apha Digital Spec Sheet with pricing
DuraTime HP HP425 Spec Sheet

DuraTime HP HP440 Spec Sheet
OCXO Accuracy Sales Sheet

Training Materials


Digital Clocks (Stand Alone Clocks)

Sales Info

BRG Precision Digital Clocks
BRG Precision Digital Clocks with pricing

Training Materials

Power-over-Ethernet Synchronized Clocks

Sales Info

PoE Analog Clock Spec Sheet
PoE Basic Installation Template
PoE Digital Clock Catalog

Training Materials

Ethernet Synchronized Clocks

Sales Info

Ethernet Clocks
Ethernet Clock Catalog

Training Materials

BRG Wireless Emergency Mass Notification System

Sales Info

BRG EMN System Specifications (MS Word Editable)
BRG UHF/VoIP Sales Sheet
Wireless Moving Message Displays
Outdoor Broadcast Systems (OBS)

Spec Sheets
25 Watt Master Transmitter Spec Sheet
100 Watt Master Transmitter Spec Sheet
200 Watt Master Transmitter Spec Sheet
Control PC and EMN Software
7 x 80 Moving Message Display
7 x 120 Moving Message Display
BRG1709 Hybrid Message/Strobe/Speaker Display
Indoor Wireless Speakers WSB/WSW
Indoor Wireless Ceiling Tile Speaker
Indoor Wired Ceiling Tile Speaker
Indoor Wired Speakers
Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker/Strobe 1808B
Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker/Strobe 1808C
OBS 101-4 400 Watt System (Surface Mount)
OBS 1015-4 400 Watt System (Roof Mount)
OBS 102-4 2,400 Watt System (Surface Mount)
OBS 1025-4 2,400 Watt System (Roof Mount)
OBS 104-4 2,400 Watt System (Pole Mount)
OBS 106-4 2,400 Watt System (Pole/Pole Mount)
OBS 108-4 2,400 Watt System (Roof Mount)
OBS 105-8 4,800 Watt System (Surface Mount)
OBS 107-8 4,800 Watt System (Pole/Pole Mount)
OBS 109-8 4,800 Watt System (Roof Mount)

RSS Feed Integration
Fire Alarm/Public Address Interface
Wireless Xenon Strobe


Training Materials

BRG UHF EMN Training PowerPoint
Download PowerPoint (Size 70MB)

BRG UHF & VoIP Combined Training PowerPoint
Download PowerPoint (Size 85.73MB)


After the Sale Support Material

On-Site Training Sign off Sheet


BRG Wireless UHF Synchronized Clock System

Sales Info

BRG UHF Synchronized Clock System
Clock Specifications

Spec Sheets

5 Watt Master Clock
25 Watt Master Clock
100 Watt Master Clock
200 Watt Master Clock
Analog Clocks
Analog Security Brackets
Digital Clocks
Elapse Timer/Code Blue Timer
8" Bell

Training Materials


After the Sale Support Material

BRG Customer Checklist
FCC Forms
Setup Procedure
Customer Training Sign-off Sheet

Time Zone Clocks

Sales Info

Analog Time Zone Sales Sheet
Digital Time Zone Brochure
Time Zone Catalog

Individual Spec Sheets

Style 300 Spec Sheet
Style 368 Spec Sheet
Style 561 Spec Sheet
Style 581 Spec Sheet
Style 612 Spec Sheet
Style 661 Spec Sheet
Style 662 Spec Sheet
Style 663 Spec Sheet
Style 664 Spec Sheet
Style 665 Spec Sheet
Style 668 Spec Sheet
Style 669 Spec Sheet
Style 689 Spec Sheet
Style 3010 Spec Sheet
Style 3073 Spec Sheet
Style 3420 Spec Sheet
Style 3618 Spec Sheet
Style 5610 Spec Sheet
Style 5810 Spec Sheet
Style 5910 Spec Sheet
Style 6610Spec Sheet
Style 6612 Spec Sheet
Style 6613 Spec Sheet
Style 6614 Spec Sheet
Style 6615 Spec Sheet
Style 6618 Spec Sheet
Style 6619 Spec Sheet
Style 6637 Spec Sheet
Style 6673 Spec Sheet
Style 6789 Spec Sheet
Style 7329 Spec Sheet
Style 7710Spec Sheet

Training Materials

Time Zone Training PowerPoint
Download PowerPoint (Size 21.34MB)

TZ Styles Reference Guide


BRG Timers

Sales Info

Timer Catalog

Training Materials

BRG & DuraTime Logos

BRG Logo

DuraTime Logo

BRG Letterhead in MS Word


Credit Application (Net 30 Terms)

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BRG Credit Application


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