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Time Zone Clocks/Displays - (Time Zone Clock, Zulu Clock, World Clock)

BRG manufactures high accuracy time zone clocks that can be customized to fit your needs. We manufacture two types of time zones, fixed zones and programmable zones. Click on the photos below to get more details.
BRG utilizes all known world time zone rules, including daylight saving time, 30 minute time zones, forced 30 minute and 60 minute offsets, and more. For example, about the time the Denver is changing to daylight saving time, Sydney is changing back to standard time. Fixed Example
The time zone display will provide any combination of time zone and display formats, including UTC (Zulu) Time, Any World Time Zone, Half-hour time zones, Enable or Disable Daylight Saving Time, and 12 or 24 hour display formats. The digital time zone display will correctly implement these, and all other known time display rules.
A remote control is included with all time zone displays.

Features an OCXO Oscillator that is accurate for 20 years! Accuracy up to 0.006 seconds per year is standard with all time zone displays.

GPS, CDMA, IRIG-B, and SMPTE time receivers are available to synchronize the time zone display with the U.S. Atomic Clock. These receivers allow the clock to always display the correct time, all the time, without any adjustments.

Programmable Example







Specify custom lettering from left to right when ordering. Digital bar segments are available in Red, Green and Blue LEDs. The digital zone labels are available in Red, Green and Yellow.

The standard high brightness bar segment displays are ideal for indoor applications, but they cannot be seen in direct, or highly reflected sunlight. For indoor use, the intensity can be reduced for normal viewing, or increased for greater viewing distance.

There is an auto brightness option that allows the display intensity to automatically adjust LED brightness to ambient light.

BRG also offers a Wireless 2.4 GHz analog Time Zone Display for those who like the old school look. You can feature up to 14 different time zones, including DST rules and 15 and 30 minute offsets. Available in 12" and 15" diameters and Brushed Aluminum or Black Plastic Finishes.


This Analog Time Zone display can have from two to 14 differenct analog clocks in it.  Each zone follows the DST rules for that country or region, including thirty minute offsets. Time Zone Clock, Analog Time Zone, World Clocks, World Clock.
Analog Time Zones
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BRG welcomes requests for customized time zones to meet your individual needs. Contact one of our Salesmen today at 800-295-0220.

In need of a replacement IR Remote? Purchase one online today.

(NOTE: This Remote only works with BRG Digital Clocks that have a IR Receiver in them. If your not sure if you're clock is compatible, call Technical Support at 316-788-2000 and they will verify.)



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