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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q. Can we get GSA Pricing on On-line purchases?
A. No. There is no way for BRG to provide GSA Pricing in our on-line shopping cart.  To get GSA Pricing contact one of our inside sales team members at 800-295-0220 or 1-316-788-2000.

Q. Must I run synchronization wires between clocks?
A. No. We offer many synchronization methods that either require no new wiring or does not require any wiring at all. The BRG Wireless clock system includes a powerful radio transmitter that can sync all clocks in any size building or complex. The wireless system supports both digital and analog clocks. An Ethernet option is also available that allows clocks to obtain time from the existing computer network. Further, Ultra-High Precision clocks are available that do not require sync wire or a master clock. We also manufacture clocks that are synchronized to the master clock over the existing power line. Click here for more information.

Q. How do the clocks receive their power?
A. The digital clocks include an 110 VAC Adapter. Ceiling and wall clocks include an internal AC transformer. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also available for powering digital clocks. Battery power analog clocks are also available that have a five year battery life. Many other power configurations are available, including international power configurations.

Q. What is the approximate viewing distance for digital clocks?
A. Digit size and approximate visibility as follows:

Digit Size Visibility
1.8" 40 Feet
2.5" 75 Feet
4.0" 100 Feet (high-bright model)
4.0" 200 Feet (ultra-bright model)
7.0" 300 Feet (high-bright model)
7.0" 400 Feet (ultra-bright model)
12.0" 600 Feet (ultra-bright model)
18.0" 800 Feet (ultra-bright model)
24.0" 1,000 Feet (ultra-bright model)

Q. How are double sided clocks mounted?
A. Specify either wall or ceiling mount. If ceiling mount, include the distance from the ceiling.

Q. How do we synchronize the clocks so they all display the same time?
A. We offer many methods of synchronizing clocks, both wireless and wired. Wireless clock systems use a powerful transmitter clock to send the time to all clocks. No building or complex is too large. The wireless clock system supports analog and digital clocks. Another popular synchronization method connects clocks to the existing Ethernet computer network. Still, another method is power line communications which uses the existing power line to synchronize the clocks. Another sync method is to wire all clocks together. These methods will allow all clocks to display the same time; however, to be sure they all display the correct time, at least one clock needs to obtain time from the U.S. atomic clock. GPS and CDMA atomic time receivers are available for this purpose.

Q. If I run sync wire, what kind of wiring and distance do I need with master system?
A. A single twisted pair, low voltage, up to 4,000 Ft. may be used. An almost unlimited distance is possible by configuring clocks to repeat the sync signal. Other sync methods include fiber optic cable, Ethernet, CDMA (cell phone tower) receivers.

Q. How many clocks can I run on a system, and can I mix types of clocks (digital and analog)?
A. An unlimited number of clocks of various sizes can be connected to a single system. However, the sync signal should be repeated every ten clocks. Any clock can be configured with sync input and output to repeat the sync signal. When using power line communications, there is no limit to the number of slave clocks. A digital master clock may drive any number of digital and analog clocks. There is no practical limit on the number of clocks that can be synchronized using the Power Line or Ethernet sync options.

Q. What is battery back up?
A. For digital clocks, when the power fails, the display is blanked while the battery maintains the internal time for about ten years. When the power is restored, the correct time will display immediately. All control parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory that does not rely on power. Analog clocks will typically run for about five years before the battery requires replacement.

Q. How does my Time Zone clock get lettered?
A. Lettering is white vinyl and you specify reading left to right. The lettering may be removed at a later date if necessary. Optional removable lettering is available; however, because of the glossy holder, they are not as attractive as the vinyl lettering. Digital lettering is also available that can be changed at any time, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Q. How do I set my elapsed timer?
A. The timer can be configured from the optional infrared remote control, wired control box, buttons located on the back of the clock, PC serial or Ethernet communications, or by connecting to optional control lines.

Q. How accurate are digital clocks?
A. GPS and CDMA (cell phone tower) atomic clock receivers maintains millisecond accuracy. Stand alone clocks, using the internal correction register along with the ultra-high precision oscillator option, can achieve an accuracy of about 1 second per year.

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