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Precision is our Middle Name

Did you Know! - You can greatly Reduce Cost and Increase Reliability by Simply Increasing Precision.

BRG offers ultra-high precision oscillators that often eliminate the need for GPS, radio, or network synchronization.  Ultra-high precision oscillators may also eliminate the need for expensive master clocks, wiring or  radio synchronization.  Many BRG clock models already include ultra-high precision oscillators to immediately reduce cost and increase reliability.  BRG ultra-high precision clocks are factory synchronized to the U. S. Atomic Clock and do not require any further synchronization for the life of the clock.  BRG offers the most precise wall clocks available anywhere, at any price. 

Clock Precision Levels Available from BRG

Description Products

Level 1

Crystal Oscillator (XO)
Standard for synchronized analog wall clocks and other battery powered clocks that are designed to receive frequent time updates from a master clock.

  • Accurate to 20 PPM (parts per Million) or 10 minutes per year
Standard Feature on

  • Economy Digital Clocks
  • Analog Clocks
Level 2
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO)
The TCXO is standard in BRG Digital Clocks that do not have a higher precision oscillator as a standard feature
  • Accurate to 2 PPM (parts per Million) or 1 minute per year
Standard Feature on

  • Most Digital Clocks
  • Serial Wire Sync Sub-Masters
  • Timers
  • Message Displays
Level 3
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO)
The OCXO is standard in BRG Digital Time Zone Clocks, DuraTime HP Clocks and Matrix Digital Clocks. It is an option on most other clocks..
  • Accurate to 2 PPB (parts per Billion) or .06 seconds per year or about 1 second in 20 years.
  • 1 thousand times more accurate than most competing clocks
  • Eliminates the need for GPS or Network time synchronization for clocks not displaying seconds

NOTE: If two 6 digit clocks are to be placed in the same room, the seconds might be off a tenth of a second from each other.

Standard Feature on

  • DuraTime Master Clocks
  • Time Zone Clocks
  • DuraTime HP Clocks


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