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Synchronized Analog & Digital Clocks

A USER CHANGEABLE COLOR is now standard on all BRG LED digital clocks.

This feature allows you to change the display LED color anytime you want.  Available colors are: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan & White.

High Reliability, Commercial Analog & Digital Clocks

BRG offers a variety of methods to synchronize all of your clocks to one master time source. Now all clocks can display the same, accurate, legal time. BRG commercial digital clocks are specifically designed for applications where precision and reliability are of utmost importance.

Now with 3X more LED's than competing products!

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DuraTime HP Clocks are factory synchronized clocks that have an OCXO Oscillator that is accurate to 0.06 seconds per year or accurate to one second every 20 years.

BRG DuraTime Synchronized Clock Systems is a reduntant Mesh Network system designed to never failDuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clock system is designed to never fail with redundant built into the system.

Why not take advantage of the Wi-Fi infrastructure that you already have in place with BRG’s DuraTime Wi-Fi clocks.

BRG PoE Synchronized Clock SystemDelivering the latest in PoE technology, BRG offers Digital and Analog PoE clocks for your facility.

Ethernet Digital Clocks connect to your companies Computer network to acquire time from a NTP Server. BRG UHF FM Synchronized Clock System offers a broad Range Wireless Clock SystemBRG UHF Wireless Synchronized Clock System operates on an FCC Licensed Frequency. Using a UHF FM frequency to synchronize clocks within the system.

Synchronized Julian Calendar Clocks

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