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Julian Date Clocks

The Julian calendar clock or Julian date clock displays the day of the year (1-366).  This is not to be confused with the modified Julian date used by computers.  The Julian clock is most often used by the military and other government agencies.   The food industry uses Julian clocks to calculate the number of days between two events. The Pharmaceutical industry uses Julian calendar clocks to calculate prescription expiration dates.

BRG's Digital Julian Date Clocks that feature User Changeable Color Bar-Segment LEDs.  These Julian Date clocks are offered in stand-alone (non-synchronized) digital clocks as well and DuraTime 2.4 GHz Wireless, DuraTime HP (High Precision), Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) & Wi-Fi Models.  All automatically update for Daylight Savings Time. These are beautifully packaged in a attractive black Aluminum or black polycarbonate frames. Click on the type of Calendar Clock that you are looking for below. Call our sales team at 800-295-0220 for additional information and assistance.

Now with 3X more LED's than competing products!

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You can display more than just time on BRG time zone displays - For clocks with bar segment digits, any zone can be configured to display the Julian Day/Date, Sunrise time, Sunset time, temperature, configurable fixed numbers and more.  Additionally, clocks using matrix characters for time or location label, you can also display the Military shipping code and Air Tasking Order (ATO).



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