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Document Downloads

User Guides and Technical Manuals

Daylight Savings Information

Daylight Saving Configuration Information - PDF


Digital Time Zone User Guide Documentation
(Information used to change zones on a time zone display)

Time Zone User Guide - pdf

BRG Time Zone Guide Version 3 - pdf

Time Commander Instruction Sheet - PDF

Analog Time Zone Clock User Guide Documentation
(Information used to change zones on a time zone display)

BRG Analog Time Zone Clock User Guide
Version 5/31/2013


Clocks / Timers / Counters Documentation

BRG Mega Tiger Manual - pdf

Mega Digital Clocks - Reference Manual - pdf

Mega Digital Timers - Reference Manual - pdf

Time Zone Offsets for BRG Digital Clocks by Country/State/City - 75KB

59th Minute Analog Clocks - 183 KB

Bi-Polar Analog Clocks - 183 KB

PC Interface Guide - 114 KB

USB Interface Guide - 94 KB

Indoor GPS Time Receiver Guide - 93 KB

Outdoor GPS Time Receiver Guide - 118 KB

CDMA User Guide - 60 KB

Wall Switch Guide for Timers - 82 KB

Environmental Statement - 66 KB





DuraTime 2.4 GHz Wireless Synchronized Clock System

Technical Documents

Technical User Guide V3

Site Survey Guide

Start-up Guide

4 & 6 Digit Plastic Clock Installation Template

RCMAR Instruction Manual


Sales Sheets and Spec Sheets

DuraTime Sales Sheet

Alphanumeric Digital Clocks

Analog Clocks

LifeTime Analog Clocks

Digital Clocks

RC102 Master Clock Spec Sheet

RC140 Repeater Spec Sheet

RC142 Repeater Spec Sheet

RC145 Repeater Spec Sheet

RC150 Mini Master Spec Sheet

RC161 Wireless GPS Spec Sheet

RC180 Wireless Relay Spec Sheet

RC185 Wireless Relay/Audio Player Spec Sheet

RC201 Wireless Speaker Spec Sheet

RC204 Ceiling Tile Speaker Spec Sheet

RC425 Digital Clock Spec Sheet

RC440 Digital Clock Spec Sheet

RCMAR Spec Sheet

Analog Clock Accessories Spec Sheet

Repeater Spec Sheet


Misc. DuraTime Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Comparison

DuraTime and Wi-Fi

Synchronized Clock System Comparison


DuraTime HP Factory Synchronized Clocks

DuraTime HP Manual
Updated 9-4-2018

DuraTime HP Sales Sheet

DuraTime HP Analog Clock Spec Sheet

DuraTime HP Digital Clock Spec Sheet

DuraTime HP Alpha Digital Clock Spec Sheet

OCXO Oscillator Accuracy Sales Sheet


Wi-Fi Option Documentation

Wi-Fi configuration and Setup


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