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Welcome to BRG Precision Products

BRG Precision Products is a leading manufacturer of custom time solutions and other innovative products.  BRG offers a wide range of products including  synchronized clock systems, world time zone clocks, wireless clocks, message signs, safety and event timers, count down clocks, emergency mass notification systems, aviation products, and electronic carillon church bells.  Display products range from small to very large, and include LED, analog, wired and wireless.
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BRG Safety Timers allow you to track your safety records while promoting safety in the work place. BRG Safety Timers allow you to track your safety records while promoting safety in the work place.
BRG Atomic Clocks, also known as WWVB Clocks that receive a signal from Ft. Collins, CO.  Suotmatically setting the time and adjusting for Daylight Savings Time.
BRG Atomic Clocks automatically set to the correct time and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

BRG is the leader in providing custom time zone displays to the United States Government and corporations around the world. Whether you need two time zones or 24 time zones, we have a model that will fit your needs. Our displays come standard with Red Time LEDs, however, you can select Blue or Green LEDs or any combination that you would like as an option. Depending on the viewing distance for your Time Zone Display, BRG offers three different LED sizes that can be viewed from 40 ft., 75 ft. or 100 ft. Our product line is available to our government customers through our GSA Contract GS-02F-0030U. BRG’s helpful sales staff will help you determine the product that best suits your needs.

BRG’s digital clocks are available as stand alone models or can be part of a synchronized time system. Our message displays can be used for corporate communications or as part of an emergency mass notification system. Our event timers and safety timers are used by corporations and industry to mark significant milestones and to remind employees that safety is important.

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GSA Schedule GS-02F-0030U

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