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Fitness/Sports Timers / Short Duration Timers

A USER CHANGEABLE COLOR is now standard on all BRG LED digital clocks.

Fitness Timer

Designed for fitness training exercises, sporting events, or anywhere an outdoor timer is required. These displays come with ultra bright red LED's to overcome direct sunlight, a heavy duty tripod adjustable from 3 ft 8 in to 6 ft tall, an easily stored wired remote control with 25 ft of cable, moisture resistant barrier, internal rechargeable battery/power supply, and a 110v AC Adapter with 6 ft. grounded cord for a standard outlet. A special power regulator provides constant brightness until the battery is completely exhausted.  The display does not dim battery voltage falls. When not in use simply disassemble and store in a convenient location.

Sporting the same capabilities as the ST series of timers, these displays are excellent choices for timing laps, repetitions, races, or scrimmages. Stand alone operation only, please contact a BRG sales representative if a synchronized timing system is required.


Options Description
AP Piezo Buzzer 88 dB
CS680 Carrying case for FTST680


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