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Digital Circle Line Clock Displays

USER CHANGEABLE COLOR is standard on all BRG LED digital clocks.


Do you need the easy readability of a digital clock but enjoy the look of an analog clock? Now you can have the best of both types of displays thanks to the new technology of our Circle Line series of digital clocks. The outer circle by default turns on the LED seconds on the first pass and turns them off individually on the second pass. If you prefer, there can be only one LED lit for each second as it travels around the circle. The inner digital LED display on model HPCR821 and HPCR822 can be set to show Hours : Minutes in 12 or 24 hour format. Model HPCR823 shows time over date with the date in either American or European format. Model HPCR825 shows local and Zulu (UTC) for military or government applications.  A white label under the display indicates the city, country or region. Clocks operate on 100-240 VAC at 50-60 Hz.

Now with 3X more LED's than competing products!

Model Display Format Digit Height Displays Viewing Distance Dimensions Photo Buy Online
HPCR821 Time 4.0 1 100 Ft. 16.25 16.25 3.25
HPCR822 Time 2.5 1 75 Ft. 16.25 16.25 3.25
HPCR823 Time / Date 2.5 1 75 Ft. 16.25 16.25 3.25
HPCR825 Local / Zulu 2.5 2 75 Ft. 16.25 16.25 3.25

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Lexan Clock Guards

BRG offers Lexan clock guards to protect your clocks from harm.

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