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Short Duration Timer Displays

BRG Precision short duration timers combine advanced features with simple operation. Configurable as up or down timers with display formats that support up to 99 hours of operation. Models with 4 digits can display Hours: Minutes (up to 99:00), Minutes: Seconds (up to 60:00) or seconds (up to 60). Models with 6 digits can display Hours: Minutes and Seconds (Up to 99:00:00). A set of simple control buttons come with every display or you can add wired or wireless controls. With the optional external control line you can even design your own custom control button interface.

Option Description
RF Remote Control
Infrared Remote Control
Replacement or extra Infrared Remote Control
Wired remote control with 30 ft. of cable
Wired Wall Control
External control line (allows customer to create their own control interface)
Piezo Buzzer 86 dB
Electronic Alert Horn 124 dB
Alarm 8" Mechanical Bell 84 dB
Tripod for mobile operation

GSA Schedule GS-02F-0030U

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