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Moving Message Signs/Displays

Information flows through your company constantly and is always being updated. You need a system that displays that information as quickly as it is received.

Now includes an RSS Feed/New Ticker Software so you can keep up with the Financial Markets, Latest News and Sports.

BRG7x80TC with RSS Feed Linked to a Sports Feed

7 x 80 - RGB Full Color Indoor Display
Case Dimensions: 4.2"H x 26"L x 1.75"D


Sometimes you can't wait for everyone to open an e-mail to receive updates and notifications. You need a dependable method that is not easily overlooked.  BRG has the answer to your instant communication needs with our single line TCB & RGB color LED moving message boards.


  • IR remote
  • RS232 computer interface
  • RSS Feed Software
  • Power cord or adapter
  • Wall mounting hardware
  • One Year Warranty
  • USB & Ethernet interfaces available

BRG Precision Products BRG 7x80TC moving message display, moving message board, message board, digital message board.
7 x 80 - Red, Green, Amber Indoor Display
Case Dimensions: 4.2"H x 26"L x 1.75"D


  • Real time TCXO clock and calendar
  • Software interface
  • RSS Software allows you to stream news, sports, financial information
  • 28 different display modes
  • 15 text fonts
  • 3 different color combinations
  • 10 time delays
  • 10 time/date formats
  • 5 speeds
  • PC command and control feature standard
  • Auto power on/off by time and day
  • Special graphic characters
  • 30 day memory backup
  • Long durability
  • MS Windows Compatible



NOTE: These boards are compatible with MS Windows, They will not operate in a Mac Environment. All moving message displays come with a power supply and require 110 VAC electric power.


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