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BRG 4 Pitch RGY LED Matrix Clocks (Red, Green, Yellow)

The 4 pitch red/green/yellow LED displays offer higher resolution than 6 and 10 pitch displays.  Featuring the OCXO oscillator, this clock is accurate for 20 years, that's 0.06 seconds per year. Pitch refers to the distance in millimeters between each image pixel.   The 4 pitch clocks allow more detail.  These displays are best suited for small, close viewing displays.  However, large display configurations are available that offer exceptional resolution at greater distances.  A variety of display Apps are included, plus you can configure your own custom layouts. This product is available on GSA.


Decoding the Model Number
Message Clock Model Number Decoding


  • OCXO Oscillator for accurate time
  • Flexible multipurpose App display
  • User configurable display layouts Time and date displays
  • Countdown timer displays
    Indoor and outdoor brightness LED’s
  • Vivid, pure spectrum LED colors
  • High speed processor for fast display response
  • Ethernet communications included
  • Optional 2.4 GHz Adapter available
  • High reliability displays
  • Low power LED’s
  • Thin display profile
  • Manual and programmable brightness control
  • Manual and programmable power control
  • Wall mounting brackets included
  • Internal real time clock
  • Includes BRG's F5 Anodized Black Aluminum Frame  Learn More


Colors Red, Green, Yellow
Communication Modes Included 10/100 Ethernet RJ-45 
Software Function Windows based software
Programs Supported 256 programs,16 areas for each program
Display Area  Type Text/Image/ digital clock/analogue clock /timer/animation
Frame Mode graphics frame
Time Mode Analog clock, digital clock, countdown timer
Date Mode MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, Custom
Brightness Adjustment Manual or Time of Day
Power on/off Mode Auto powered on/off and timing powered on
Voltage 80-260 VAC
Temperature -20C to 85C
Software Led Player Control for Windows
2.4 GHz Synchronization Adapter Option Available

Each Matrix Clock comes with the following pre configured settings
When ordering this clock, please select one or more of the pre configured settings for your Matrix clock.
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
1. Hour: Minute:Seconds: AM/PM
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
2. Hour: Minute: AM/PM
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
3. Hour: Minute
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
4. Hour: Minute:Small Seconds
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
5. Hour: Minute:Seconds: AM/PM:Month:Date:Day
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
6. Hour:Minute
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
7. Hour: Minute:Seconds:
AM/PM:Moving Matrix
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
8. Hour: Minute:AM/PM:
Moving Matrix

BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
9. Full Screen Moving Matrix
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
10. Count Up/Countdown
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
11. Countdown Days &
Moving Matrix
BRG Message Clock MC04-1x2-RGY
12. Born before Clock
21 Years old

Note 1: Some features are not compatible with others, contact sales for complete details.
Note 2: Configuration is only available using an RJ45 Ehternet connection and BRG software
Note 3: Crestron programming not compatible with matrix clocks


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