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Geochron Timepieces    

What is a Geochron?

The Geochron allows any observer to determine what time it is anywhere in the world. Physically the Geochron looks like a framed world map, about 2x3 ft. in size.

The colorful map itself is an endless belt that is driven slowly from left to right by an electric clock motor in synchronism with the rotation of the earth.

All known legal time zone boundaries are delineated on the map by dark blue lines which in most cases, converge on lettered pointers on the top edge of the map.

These letters identify the standard time zones and also represent the short wave radio prefix for that zone.

Geochron Detail ImageSpecifically the Geochron displays;

  • Legal time zones
  • Greenwich Mean time
  • Greenwich Apparent time
  • Local Apparent time
  • Moment of sunrise
  • Moment of sunset
  • Duration of daylight
  • Sun's meridian passage
  • Sun's equation of time
  • Degrees of latitude and longitude


All Geochron products are designed and hand crafted in the USA.

BRG is not an International Reseller. BRG does not ship Geochrons to APO addresses.


There are two models of the Geochron World Clock: the Original Kilburg model and the Boardroom model. Each model has slightly different features, though functionality is almost exactly the same. The only difference in functionality is that the Original Kilburg and Boardroom models include a minute analog dial in the top right hand corner of the front panel, and the Standard model does not. This dial allows for more accurate time keeping because it displays the exact minute after the hour and runs in unison with the map.

Aesthetically is where the major differences are. Upgrade panels are available on the Boardroom models featuring a special "cove molding" on their natural wood front panels. Please click the buttons in the menu on left to learn more.


The Original Kilburg model includes a minute analog dial in the top right hand corner. This dial allows the user to tell more accurate time by seeing the exact minute after the hour.

Basic Original Kilburg models include your choice of any of the nine vinyl laminate finishes.

The several upgrade finishes include; Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum (Black, Gold or Silver) and a variety of Natural Wood veneers. Natural Wood veneers can also be 'custom-matched' (consult factory for cost).

Original Kilburg model size: 34 1/4" Wide x 22 3/8" H x 5" Depth

Black Anodized Satin Anodized Russian Maple
Gold Anodized Brushed Stainless Black Goatskin
  Polished Stainless Steel  
Vinyl Laminate Front Panel Finishes
Natural Wood Veneer Front Panel Finishes


The Functionality of the Boardroom model is entirely identical to the Original Kilburg. The map size is identical, it has a minute analog dial in the top right hand corner and the light pattern changes in accordance to the date.

The front panel is a choice of five natural wood veneers, but unlike the Original Kilburg model, the Boardroom model has a customized molding design as opposed to a flat edge. This adds to the overall size of the model (widening it by about two inches in width and two inches in height) and presents a much more artistic style.

To help accent the panel, the Boardroom model is designed to be Flush Mounted. With a flush mounted unit, only the front panel is shown on the outside of the wall as the depth of the unit is cradled inside the wall.

Boardroom model size: 36 1/4" Wide x 24 3/8" H x 5" Depth


Black Oak Cherry
Honey Oak Mahogany
Natural Wood Veneer Front Panel Finishes


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