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December 2017

BRG Introduces our New DuraTime Wi-Fi Clocks.  We have Digital LED, Digital LCD and Analog Wi-Fi Clocks.

The DuraTime Wi-Fi clocks provide highly reliable, synchronized time with your time server or a generic time server on the internet. These easy-to-install clocks are designed to work in concert with your Wi-Fi Network. Using our power saving processor, DHCP IP addresses and only turning on the time sync radio only three times a month the Dura-Time Wi-Fi Clock System will not overwhelm your Wi-Fi network and conserves valuable battery life on analog clocks.

BRG offers 5 different models of analog clocks that have 10-15 years battery life utilizing 4 AA lithium batteries. Our digital LED clocks are available from 1.2” LEDs to 12” LEDs.

October 2017 BRG introduces the TZ Time Zone Clock Line.  These Time zone clocks feature one or two time zones. They are housed in a plastic case and deliver the same accuracy, 1 second over 20 years, as our other time zone clocks.
January 2017 BRG introduces our first, in-house built, NTP Time server. The BRG NTP100 Network Time Server is a simple to use GPS based time server that will supply accurate Stratum 1 time for all computers and time keeping devices on the network.
January 2017

BRG introduces the CBS6000 Electronic Carillon Bell System.  This new system features:

  • All-in-One Desktop PC with solid state disk storage
  • 2-Way Directional Volume Level Control
  • 3,200 Watt BRG 2 Channel Switching Class-D Power Amplifier
  • Four, 800 Watt Capacity, Quad-flute Outdoor Speakers
  • BRG Amplifier Relay with Remote Receiver and PC time synchronizer
  • Radio remote control
  • Comprehensive Windows Scheduling Program
  • Digital Recordings of over 2,000 bells, hymns and tolls
  • Free Shipping
July 2014 BRG introduces the DuraTime HP Clock Series. It is a Factory Synchronized Digital Clock that is accurate for 20 years. The clock is synchronized to the US Atomic Clock at the BRG Factory and is so accurate that it doesn't need any correction for 20 years. It features BRG's new OCXO Oscillator.
June 2014

BRG announces Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators as standard on all Time Zone Displays and Master Clocks. This gives you accuracy of 0.06 seconds per year compared to our competitors that offer a High Accuracy Crystal Oscillator that is accurate to 1 minute per year.

BRG also announces that Rubidium Atomic Clock Oscillator (RbXO) are now available as an option for all Master Clocks. This gives you accuracy of 0.00012 seconds per year.

May 2014 BRG announces our new EasyPage Wireless Paging Speakers. These indoor speakers use a Family Radio Service (FRS) UHF channel for a powerful, clear paging system that can be used in Warehouses, Manufacturing, Recreation Facilities, Home, Retail, Farms and Ranches.
January 2014 BRG Message Clocks BRG Announces the release of our new Message Clocks. These amazing clocks can be configured to be both a clock and an message board or both at the same time. This product is available on GSA Advantage.
June 2013 BRG releases 8 new digital economy clock. These low cost clocks provide a digital wall clock at an incredible value.
May 2013 BRG PoE Analog Clocks BRG releases Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Analog Clocks. This product is available on GSA Advantage.
May 2013 BRG Aviation Headset Bag Aviation Headset Bags
March 2013 Focused Beam Cap/Headset Flashlight. This focused beam flashlight easily clips to your Aviation Headset or Cap for a focused beam of light.
March 2013 Five Zone Time Zone Clock with US Map. Designed to hang in your local airport, this time zone clock can be personalize with your FAA Call Sign, Airport Name and 4 additional lines of text.
March 2013 BRG adds 8 Economy Digital Clocks to our line up. Ranging from a 2.25" Calendar Clock to a 11.5" 4 Digit Digital Clock
February 2013



BRG adds a 5 Time Zone Digital Clock for Airport FBOs
February 2013 BRG adds two new Aviation Headsets to it's lineup of Precision Products.
February 2013 BRG adds Atomic Clocks to the BRG Precision Web site
December 2012 BRG Launches it's on-line shopping cart. Allowing customers to order certain products on-line.
August 1, 2011 View BRG is proud to announce our new 2.4 GHz Analog Time Zone System. It's allows you to display up to 14 analog clocks featuring individual DST rules and support 30 and 45 minute offsets. This product is available on GSA Advantage.
April 12, 2011 View BRG is proud to announce a new low cost PoE Digital Clock to our lineup. It features 4" Red LEDs and a poly carbonate case. Learn More This product is available on GSA Advantage.
February 16, 2011 View DuraTime 2.4 GHz Synchronized Clock System uses the world wide recognized 2.4 GHz Band, so our system can be used anywhere. It doesn't required a site survey, because it uses a multi-path network to repeat the signal throughout your facility, Learn More This product is available on GSA Advantage.
April 1, 2010 Back-lit countdown timers. Make your event really pop with a back-lit ETCD100L or ETCD 200L event timer. Learn More This product is available on GSA Advantage.


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